Golden-Mantled Ground Squirrel


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Painting Nature's Textures in Acrylic


Join David in his latest instructional DVD and learn intuitive methods for imitating natural textures as David captures grass, bark, feathers, and eyes with methods possible only in acrylic.  You get an up-close view of your subject matter as David supplements field photos with three-dimensional reference materials, taking cues from an animalís anatomy to guide the direction and width of your brush strokes.


Davidís approach to acrylic combines watercolour techniques with the strengths of opaques.  You take advantage of quick drying time and protective coats of gloss medium as you layer brilliant, transparent washes over a base of whites.


David shares methods for applying complicated textures with inexpensive tools. Learn to paint iridescence that translates to prints, and develop life-like eyes - from basic veins to sparkling highlights.

Art Instructional DVD - Painting Nature's Textures in Acrylics

Acrylics Techniques - Beginner to Intermediate



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Watch a Clip:
Acrylic Highlights in an Eagle's Eye