Golden-Mantled Ground Squirrel


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Reliable Results in Acrylics:  A Medium Demystified



In this Creative Catalyst instructional DVD workshop, David demonstrates his methods for working effectively and creatively with acrylics.


Using inexpensive brushes and only a handful of colors, David leads a half-dozen demos on materials, transparency, textures, mixing, and more.  You’ll master the essential supplies from boards to palettes to pigments.  You’ll learn to mix any hue using three primaries, and also how to pick the right white paint for the task at hand. David helps you create smooth gradations, mottled backgrounds, and delicate edges, all using basic tools.


You’ll explore opaque painting and transparent layering before David combines the two in his squirrel demo.  He shares secrets for creating lifelike textures and helps you get the most from your reference photo.

Art Instructional DVD - Reliable Results in Acrylics

Acrylics Techniques - Beginner to Intermediate


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Understanding Transparency in Acrylics